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Always the pioneer, Coldwell Banker offers more tools, services and proprietary technologies than any real estate company along The Grand Strand. And since we’re never content to wait for new technology breakthroughs, Coldwell Banker has developed and acquired a host of proven and proprietary technologies available only to Coldwell Banker agents – another distinction that helps you stand well above the competition. Here are just a few of the tools and technologies we offer at no cost to you.

  • IT Services -- Our IT department is staffed by 4 full-time IT professionals who can assist you with anything and everything digital, and they boast an average response time of just 3 minutes.
  • Agent Websites and CRMs – Each agent receives a personal, customizable website and Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). The CRM enables you to manage your client database, create e-marketing campaigns and automatically manage leads.
  • CBx® – a proprietary technology only available to Coldwell Banker agents, CBx® is an application that harnesses Big Data to identify and locate potential buyers for ultra-targeted marketing.
  • CBx Seller Leads® – Big data also identifies homeowners most likely to sell and provides leads that convert at more than twice the rate of traditional leads
  • CBxListing Experience® - Create listing presentations that will enhance your listing experience and give sellers a better understanding of their neighborhood.
  • CBx Buyer Locator® - Big data enables you to determine where likely buyers for each home are coming from.
  • ListTrac – A proprietary, custom report for sellers that details showings by day, week or month. The program can also create a competitive analysis to see how your listing compares to others in the area.
  • DotLoop – An online transaction management system that connects everyone and everything needed to complete a real estate transaction. DotLoop simplifies the entire process and allows you to edit, complete, sign, share and store documents.
  • CirclePix – An automated service that creates a virtual tour with professional voice-over, You Tube videos and social media posts.
  • Zillow Pro – All agents enjoy the benefits of Zillow Pro, an enhanced feature that puts your photo and contact information at the top of each of your Zillow listings – a benefit that significantly increases your click-through rate.
  • Social Ad Engine - An automated and targeted social media advertising program.
  • Agent X - A voice assistant for Coldwell Banker real estate agents that provides access to productivity tools and market intelligence.
  • BombBomb – A video platform that helps you build trust, convert leads, and get referrals by getting face to face more often with your prospects and customers.
  •, a website powered by Zap® that offers high-impact agent marketing and a world-class agent platform with predictive analytics and business management tools.

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Vice President of Sales & Marketing
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