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Surfside Beach, SC - A Thriving Coastal Town with Cultural Diversity

Situated in South Carolina, Surfside Beach is a little coastal community with a population of slightly above 4,000 individuals. It also happens to be the state's 95th biggest community. Compared to some of the places in South Carolina,Surfside Beach has a specific position that has significantly added to it being a trendy getaway choice. In fact, a significant portion of the residents is seasonal with many people having second homes for vacation purposes. Likewise related to its geographical position, some areas of Surfside Beach contain a historic value that travelers find interesting as they combine exploration of these spots combined with the spectacular bay scenery and join a variety of beach activities.

Real Estate in Surfside Beach, SC

Over 1,250 real estate are owner-occupied with the median property price averaging around $256,000. The most usual kinds of property in this town are single-family detached residences which account for over 54% of the total housing units. In the order of prevalence from the most usual to least typical property types after semi-detached homes are large apartment complexes duplexes and small apartment buildings and lastly attached homes and row houses.

In case you are moving to Surfside Beach with your family, finding a spacious home is not much of a problem since three and 4 bedroom dwellings are the most prevalent size and type of structures. Compared to renters who account for 35.2% of the locals, homeowners are the majority at 64.18%.

Purchasing a residential property in Surfside Beach is a worthwhile decision because this place has solid appreciation rates. For the last decade, the cumulative property appreciation rate in this particular area has been slightly above 6.5% which in turn places the town amongst the leading 50% across the country.

Even after the slump in the real estate market that was experienced nationwide especially during the global financial meltdown of 2008, Surfside Beach real estate has persisted to rise in value, recording many of the highest rates countrywide.

Health and Lifestyle in Surfside Beach, SC

Due to the normally relaxed atmosphere in Surfside Beach, health indicators are also way up on their positives marked by the affordability of healthcare and accessible quality medical facilities and experts.

Quality of Education in Surfside Beach, SC

Another bonus for families in Surfside Beach is the quality of education that they and their kid's experience. The education level is substantially higher with above 33% of adults finishing with a Bachelor's degree. This combined with the opportunities explains why the per capita income as recorded in 2010 had margins of $26, 561. This positions Surfside Beach as 1 of the wealthiest areas in South Carolina.

The Stunning Beaches in Surfside Beach, SC

In front of the Atlantic Ocean, the beach has close to 36 different access points located along the two-mile beach stretch. Three of these passage points are allotted to people with disabilities. You may choose to bring your own umbrella and chairs to the beach or rent out while there. If you like fishing, the Surfside Pier offers you an incredible opportunity to do so as well as enjoy refreshments and live bands.

In order to get out on the water, you can rent out kiteboards, jet skis, and boats. Rather than swimming or going fishing, you may also decide to kick back at one of the beachfront restaurants and get a drink or snack.

Things to do in Surfside Beach, SC

Surfside Beach is 1 of the areas that encourage you to remain active regardless of your age or preference to fun activities. With the number of eateries, galleries, casinos, theatres, and concerts, there will always be something that you will be attracted to and will find fun to engage in. There is the Wild Water Park with its amazing selection of fun-packed rides that will pretty much keep you on the edge of your seat. The bumper boats, go-karts, kiddies' rides, and wipe out pool are some of the activities that will manage to keep you and your family entertained.

Festivals and Events in Surfside Beach, SC

There are lots of festivals held in Surfside Beach all year round. One of them is Legends in Concert. This event pays tribute to celebrities and normally showcases some of the popular performers who wows the audience with their show.

If you stem from a family of golfers or you want to learn to play golf, Surfside Beach has enough golf courses for everybody.

It is high time you got yourself a Surfside Beach house because the warm climate and the real estate selections available make the place incredibly rewarding.


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