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There are lots of things I love about living in the Myrtle Beach area, but I have some favorites.  I’ll share with you, but not in any order because they are all favorites!  First of all I must admit that I’m a gardener, so obviously I love having flowers I could never grow up north.  I love having a colorful garden all year round.  There’s nothing better than curling up on my porch bed swing on a lazy afternoon to admire my garden with the manicured golf course fairway in the ... read more
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Rental Inventory Shrinking

Posted by Deborah Hensel on July 02, 2012 in  Condos for Rent  Homes for Rent  rentals
Chicora’s Long Term Rental department in Myrtle Beach is currently experiencing an obstacle in growing its available property inventory to offer to renters. The lack of investment property being bought in today’s sales market has greatly limited the addition of new units for Chicora Long Term Rentals. The constant wave of foreclosures has properties going off of our program monthly and at the same time is increasing the number of people needing to rent until their own financial position improves. Renta... read more
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Happy Memorial Day

Posted by Mike Pohlman on May 25, 2012 in  Coldwell Banker Chicora  Myrtle Beach

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Investing in Your Future - with Real Estate: Part Three of Three In this final report on investing in your future with real estate, we will look at the huge benefit of purchasing property today, while rates are incredibly low.   Amazingly, current interest rates for mortgages on real estate are around 3.5%. It is amazing because I can still remember the rate on my first house which was 8%. This was over 30 years ago and during those 30 years I have seen rates as high as 18%. People were actually buying... read more
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Investing in Your Future - with Real Estate: Part Two How can the purchase of real estate in your community help your future?  Aside from the intrinsic value of real estate and the myriad of personal benefits to owning, each real estate transaction has been determined to inject $60,000 into the local community. A stronger community results in rising prices and stability through the tax base, schools and aesthetic values. The community value cannot be underestimated. With each sale of a house, the e... read more
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