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Benefits of Buying a NEW Home

by Linda Kostron
Posted by Wendy Martin - Relocation Director on July 22, 2013 in  Coldwell Banker Chicora  custom homes  Myrtle Beach  new homes  Real Estate
The benefits of purchasing a new home are many.    Newly built homes offer:     >High ceilings, 3x the closet space, twice the bathroom space.....of used/older homes.   >Energy efficient savings!!  $$$   >Modern construction means less homeowner headaches, advanced materials, new technology, modern safety features.   >Comes with a Builder warranty.   >New Homes are built to fit your lifestyle.  Enjoy open floor plans, larger... read more

Why You Should Always Use A Licensed Real Estate Agent

by Rod Smith
Posted by Wendy Martin - Relocation Director on July 03, 2013 in  Coldwell Banker Chicora  Condos for Rent  Homes for Rent  Real Estate  real estate agent  Realtor
Chris Hansen of NBC's Dateline did an episode of 48 Hours entitled Wild, Wild Web where a scam artist was shown to have ripped off a single mother for $1200. An ad was placed on CraigsList for a home for rent. The only trouble was that the house wasn't really for rent, and the person running the ad wasn't really the owner. This scam has been going on for several years and it is very difficult for the authorities to stop. The scammers are usually overseas and hide behind fictitious phone numbers and phony email ... read more

Are you a Runner?

by Penny Rose
Posted by Wendy Martin - Relocation Director on June 20, 2013 in  Myrtle Beach  Myrtle Beach attractions
I love to run but this wasn’t always the case.  In-fact I hated running.  My legs would ache, my feet hurt and my lungs felt like they were about to explode.  I wondered why anyone would electively put themselves through such torture.  As a participant of a group properly entitled “Training Squad,” I realized I would be forced to endure this exercise on a regular basis.  I started out with a sidewalk to sidewalk approach.  If I can run to the end of this sidewalk... read more
Summer is here and the reports I hear from various companies up and down the Grand Strand is that occupancy is up for vacation rentals and the summer looks promising!   The most recent Statewide market reports have just been released by the South Carolina Association of Realtors (SCR) and they are equally positive. Fifteen of the 16 markets reported positive sales numbers for year over year, quarter and year to date. That is exceptional news!   Pending sales were up 18% while inventory levels droppe... read more

It’s Your Dime, It’s Worth Your Time!

by Ethan Carney
Posted by Wendy Martin - Relocation Director on May 15, 2013 in  Coldwell Banker Chicora  community  homeowners association  Myrtle Beach  property management
Homeowner and Condominium Associations are comprised of owners with a wide variety of skill sets and vast experiences in a multitude of areas. As a Community Association Manager, I have the responsibility and opportunity of attending many meetings with the Association’s Board of Directors; many of those meetings include additional members of the Association. A seemingly common misconception is that the members of the Board of Directors are “Iron Fisted Czars” doling out rules, regulations, violati... read more


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