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Pawleys Island is located 25 miles west of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This island is known as one of the oldest summer resorts on the East Coast. It is known for its slow-paced, shoeless, carefree, laid-back lifestyle which includes stories of ghosts, beautiful white sandy beaches, arrogantly shabby cottages and great festivities. Pawleys Island also boasts of unique shops, restaurants to please every palate and a booming Myrtle Beach area real estate. Gather your friends and be a part of any of the... read more
Myrtle Beach hosts numerous festivals throughout the year. From religious festivals to cultural festivities, you will never miss to find an event that is compatible with your cultural beliefs, hobbies, and interests. These festivals are usually captivating and will always keep you and your family entertained. To make things even better, some of these events offer free admission and parking. Let us have a look at some of the most notable September festivities in Myrtle Beach.    1. Beach... read more
History will be rewritten in the coming days, as Americans are set to witness a rare occurrence. A total solar eclipse will take place on 21 August 2017 across the northern hemisphere. It has been close to a century since the last total solar eclipse took place, and keen observers are eager to be a part of this historical event.   This phenomenon occurs once in a lifetime. For this reason, it is entirely understandable that many people are heads over heels about it. The path of totality passes through a lim... read more
Not to scare you, but the world will come to a complete standstill thanks to the total solar eclipse set for 21 August 2017. This “can’t miss” phenomenon has everyone across the northern hemisphere more than excited. What is more incredible is that this phenomenon will only last for 2:30. It will take more than a century for you to witness a similar event. You should, therefore, make every effort not to miss this historical occurrence.   For you to experience a good view of the... read more
Taking a trip to the Grand Strand is always an enjoyable experience for any visitor. There is more than 60 miles of an uninterrupted arc of a beach from Little River to Winyah Bay. With the numerous theme parks and restaurants in Myrtle Beach, you quickly learn why it is among the leading tourist attractions in the US. College students and families frequent this area in summer while winter is the peak season for people who are moving from Northern US and Canada and migrating southwards in search of warmer cl... read more


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