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It’s Spring Break time and I love the spring!  Myrtle Beach comes alive as the days get longer and the warm sun and beautiful, blue sky wakes everyone up from the winter hibernation.  I see people out everywhere running, biking and playing on the beach.  The local festivals are planned, the artists are setting up street exhibits and the Boulevard is full of people walking the boardwalk, riding the Sky Wheel and checking out the beach shops.  I love the energy that springtime brings.  ... read more
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As a Realtor for nearly 30 years, the question of how the market is doing is one that has been asked many times, but never so often as it has recently. Everyone wants to know how the real estate market is doing because it affects so many other industries. From construction workers, to landscapers, architects, attorneys, and decorators to plumbers, real estate truly makes the world go around for a lot of professionals. This became even more evident over the past 5 years as the market tumbled.  With a slow, b... read more
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There are lots of things I love about living in the Myrtle Beach area, but I have some favorites.  I’ll share with you, but not in any order because they are all favorites!  First of all I must admit that I’m a gardener, so obviously I love having flowers I could never grow up north.  I love having a colorful garden all year round.  There’s nothing better than curling up on my porch bed swing on a lazy afternoon to admire my garden with the manicured golf course fairway in the ... read more
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