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Some say that southern hospitality or southern charms are simply a myth. But those that believe the charm is make believe have never been south and simply have not experienced the generous and accommodating warmth of the people. Once you have had the slightest indulgence in the polite demeanor, you will fully comprehend the charm of the people, the southern customs, and way of life of the residents of the Myrtle area. Cold Fresh Beverage and Delicious Food Myrtle Beach SC residents believe food is comf... read more
Owning an oceanfront condo is more than a great achievement. It gives you the chance to enjoy the essence of luxurious living. Some oceanfront condos come with screened in porches, while others come with a simple, plain balcony. Whatever the case, utilizing the outdoor space on your condo deck may go a long way in defining your taste and preferences. Your personality has a real chance to shine through.  The screened in porch is a significant part of the home, as it creates a huge impression on any g... read more
I know you love a vacation by the sea, everybody does. The problem is, you may not enjoy crowds and the standard haunts of most. Well, there is just a perfect vacation spot for you. Let me share with you some great hidden treasures of the Myrtle Beach, SC area.  You could take part in a handful of adventures in and around Myrtle Beach. These range from hidden hiking, biking and horseback riding trails and largely unknown parks, pristine beaches, out of the way restaurants and little-known accommodat... read more
We all love visiting coastal towns, right? Talk of the cooling effect of the beach waves, swimming in the warm weather and of course the beaches. The Myrtle Beach is a city in the South Carolina, Horry County. This city is one of the greatest tourist attraction sites in the USA. This is due to its many beaches and warm climate. It is actually a man-made island. I can bet you are wondering what it is like to live in the Myrtle Beach. Wonder no more, I will take you through everything you need to know... read more
A lot of things factor into a property's worth, the most common ones being location, square footage, the number of bedroom and baths, and neighborhood to name a few. While these parameters don't easily change from the moment a homeowner builds his property to the time he decides to sell it, there are factors that fall under his control that can affect the value of his home. Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage would be happy to advise you if you're thinking of selling. Before you sell, you and are considering how t... read more


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