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For most people, a home is the largest and most important purchase they will make in their lives. For this reason, it only makes sense to "look before you leap" and thoroughly inspect a potential home before buying it. Below are 5 major things to inspect before you sign on the dotted line.  1. Attic Taking the time to thoroughly inspect the attic will give you a good indication of any potential water problems that the home might have. Check for evidence of leaks, water stains or damage to the ceil... read more
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Any time you move into a new place, there are 1,001 things to do, and even the things that seem to be obvious can sometimes slip your mind. Below is a handy checklist to help you make sure that you have all of the things you need so that you can make your new house feel more like a home.  1. Cleaning Supplies This is one of those categories of items that are typically forgotten until you encounter a situation where you really wish you had them. While some supplies will naturally be used more than o... read more
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