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Best Tips When Choosing a Lender for your Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Posted: June 18, 2016 by Rod Smith

With interest rates at an attractive level in Myrtle Beach, SC, homebuyers are taking advantage to look for potential homes to buy. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a regular player in the industry, mortgage financing is certainly an option you would want to consider. The beauty with investing in homes, particularly in Myrtle Beach, is that the local real estate market is quickly gathering momentum and as such your investment will enjoy capital gains. 

Long ago when the economy was deep in the doldrums, lenders were extremely cautious about the people they advanced credit to, but that has changed now and mortgage financiers have many diversified products borrowers can enjoy. Even with this vibrancy, it is important to exercise due diligence when choosing a mortgage lender so that you can get the best deal. Below are some pointers to help. 

Make a Decision on the Type of Financing You Want

When it comes to mortgage loans, homebuyers have a number of options they can choose from. Knowing the type of mortgage, you want can help you to narrow down your search and identify the providers who have those specific types of financing. For instance, there are fixed rate mortgages which can be 10, 15, or 20 years; the longer the period of repayment, the lower the installments. There is also adjustable-rate mortgages whose interest rate changes from year to year based on the economic realities. If your income is irregular, the interest-only jumbo loan can be the most appropriate for you because it allows you to pay interest only for the first few years before starting to pay up the principal. 

Identify a Mortgage Broker Who Knows the Market

If you are particularly an out of state purchaser, you may need the guidance of a broker who understands the real estate landscape in Myrtle Beach. According to Coldwell Banker Chicora Real Estate, knowledgeable brokers can help you identify and even negotiate for better mortgage terms. Having been in the local industry, these players may have established working relationships with mortgage financiers and that can play to your advantage. Mortgage lenders can go to the extent of customizing products for you the moment they know your situation and what you want to achieve. 

Compare the Different Mortgages from Lenders

When sourcing for financing, you are not bound to a single bank. As a matter of fact, sampling mortgages from a number of lenders including credit units, commercial banks, and mortgage companies can give you an advantage when it comes to mortgage selection. Use online tools to compare mortgage rates and figure out those that make the most financial sense to you. 

Make Use of Referrals

It doesn’t hurt to ask a few friends when looking for mortgage lenders. Referrals help because they give you an idea of the experience others have gone through and can help you identify lenders that are easy and friendly to deal with. Experienced real estate agents can also act as your referral partners and give you pointers on where you can get good mortgage deals. 

Remember to do a thorough background check for each of the mortgage lenders, particularly on their qualifications and experience, before discussing business with them. Even though mortgage lenders in Myrtle Beach are among the most trusted around, it does no harm to check out their details so that you can be completely comfortable with the financier you engage.

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