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An Association Manager

by Ethan Carney
Posted: January 31, 2013 by Wendy Martin, Relocation Director

For the person with the right skill set, a career as an Association Manager can be very rewarding. Association Managers have the opportunity to build relationships with many different people, from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world. Building relationships is the main component to being successful in business and personal endeavors. The common misconception is that Association Managers are simply a buffer to protect the HOA Board. An Association Manager with the proper skills and training can be an overall asset to the Board of a community and provide knowledgeable insight based upon years of experience managing associations.  This very valuable input can help achieve the overall success of a community. Association Managers are typically the first contact for items from a running commode all the way to water pouring into a homeowner’s unit. An experienced Association Manager can pull from their “toolbox” the necessary contacts to help ensure that a homeowner gets the help that they need in the event of any situation that arises. Additionally, outside of the realm of maintenance items, an Association Manager can utilize their skills in the assistance of Association budget preparation, insurance renewals, contract negotiations and  the list goes on and on. The position of an Association Manager has evolved from the person that typically handles the maintenance and contractor issues of an Association to now a person playing an integral role in the overall management and governance of communities in conjunction with the Board of Directors. The life of an Association Manager is never dull, but the return on the investment of their time and the relationships that can be cultivated are certainly worth their efforts.

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