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Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage Agents Highlights Our Own Furry Friends

Posted: July 24, 2019 by Faith Robertson

We chose to highlight our furry friends this week and asked our agents to share pictures of their pets.  As you can see, everyone was enthusiastic about the request.  Look at all of these wonderful, loving faces.

Did you know that Coldwell Banker coordinates a National Pet Adoption Weekend every year? Our nationwide network has already helped tens of thousands of dogs get adopted, and we expect nothing less this year, so stay tuned for more information on the annual event which will be this September 28

My sweet girl Annie!  She’s almost 9 years old and loves like no other. My husband is her favorite person. She hates thunderstorms with a passion so she gets a lot of attention and love during the summer with all the storms.  ~ Wendy Martin, Director of Relocation

Ellie and I love to train! Her best friend is a cat named Bella and they go every where together. ~ Julia Wellman, Broker In Charge, North Myrtle Beach, Briarcliffe, Shore Drive and Carolina Forest Offices.

My best Friend ever! Always waiting for me to get home so we could go for a walk. He was 16 years old when he went to be with others dogs in heaven this past December. He lives in my heart! ~ Flavia Grainger, Pawleys Island Office

RIP to my Cosmo ~ Ruth LeMoine, Broker in Charge, Seagate, Surfside, Pawleys Island and Georgetown offices.

My dog Nikki turned 16 on July 5th!  Cant see well, cant hear, no teeth but you would never know it with his attitude!  My girlfriends dog Danny lost his leg 2 months ago due to cancer!  ~ Dean Nikodemski, Briarcliffe Office

This is my daughter Zoey’s bunny. Her name is Nora and she a Holland Lop rabbit. She’s very sweet and cuddly with the kids and even the dog loves her! ~ Allison Stack, Surfside Office 

Miss Winchester (aka Winni) is a five year old rescue that I got as a pup. She was apparently a stray on the streets of Charlotte when picked up and eventually shipped to New York state. I found her in late 2014 and adopted her. We moved from the Jersey shore to Longs in 2017 and she enjoys her daily walks on the beach filling the void visitors have for their pets left at home on vacation. She's rumored to be the unofficial North Myrtle Beach office's mascot having participated in the St. Patty's day parade and in a couple of office meetings. ~ Warren Lapp, North Myrtle Beach Office

Meet Helga – Helga is a rescue from “All for Paws” that we rescued during the Blessing of the Inlet 4 years ago.  We are told she is part black lab, part whippet!  She loves going airborne catching frisbee’s and especially loves the beach in search for ghost crabs!  ~ Frank Basch, Surfside Office

This is Boots! ~ Gary Landmann, Seagate Office

This is Brisco, affectionately nick named, “bone head”. He is a four yr. old Rhodesian Ridgeback. We rescued him when he was 10 mos. old. His young owner had enlisted to serve our country and his mother was not able to meet his high spirited needs. Brisco is very loving and he will NEVER accept the fact that he isn’t a lap dog. His speed is off the charts!  He loves to run, and when he does, all you see is a big blur running past you...literally!!  Such a love bug!!

Now meet Lulu...or affectionately known as “Fat Girl”.   Lulu is an English bulldog.  Lulu was adopted at the age of 10 mos. She wasn’t as fortunate as Brisco. She was rescued from a puppy mill, along with 122 other k9s.   She had never felt the grass beneath her feet, never seen rain and had never played with a toy or given a chew bone. In fact, she had never been out of her cage...ever! Her cage was hosed out with her in it.  Needless to say, she was abused and had trust issues; however, with Brisco’s help and lots of love,  she made amazing strides and is now our, “Miss Thang”.  She’s so loving and true to her breed -  likes to think she’s boss. But that’s ok...she’s earned it!!  Lulu is almost 4 yrs old now. ~ Joy Collins, Surfside Office

This is my 11 year old chihuahua, Miss Dolly, she comes with me on office duty sometimes (like this morning). Sometimes folks come in to talk to her and then we get to talking about real estate. ~ Deb Walker, Pawleys Island Office

Cooper is a Beagle and Ollie is a mixed breed who we rescued, we did not think they would get along but now they are inseparable. ~ Travis Small, Carolina Forest Office.

I would highly recommend this breed of dog. She was potty trained in 2 days. Cell friendly and loves all animals and people. She's  our BFF.  Her name is Maggie Mae. ~ Vicki Harvey, Surfside Office

Mr. Bentley enjoys long walks on the beach and   hanging out with his friends at the dog park in the evening! Bentley is also very photogenic as you can see him smiling in every picture! ~ Kevin Foy, Carolina Forest Office


Theo is my grand dog  He is a French Bull Dog and is nine months old.  He is very much a puppy that thinks he is a human.  He finds other dogs very interesting and loves every human he meets. ~ Barbara Sapp, North Myrtle Beach

Love my new sofa!! ~ Karen Vaporean, North Myrtle Beach Office 

Here is our Lucy. ~ Rod Smith, VP of Sales and Marketing

Picture 1-  Tanner a 4 year American foxhound that was rescued from Water tower road and Lulu a 1 year old cat that was rescued from a dumpster at Loris hospital. They are best friends.

Picture 2- Madisen 16 year Weimaraner who still loves to ride around town with the top down.

Picture 3- Payne was rescued from the side of red bluff road where he was hit by a car and left. We rushed him to the hospital and saved him. He lost an eye and broke a hip and back leg. He is healed now and loves to just lay around. ~ George Mullaney, North Myrtle Beach Office

This is my cat Star who was a rescue almost 7 years ago.  She likes to play in her tunnel and sit in my lap and get petted.  This was a Christmas picture of her dressed as an elf.  You can see, she wasn’t to happy about it. ~ Laraine McCaskill, North Myrtle Beach Office

We rescued Rex, an 8 year old Jack Russell, from a breeding farm in Aiken SC when he was about 3 months old. Rex likes to play ball continuously and he loves the beach. Trixie is our brown and white 8 year old Jack Russell that we rescued from a great JRT rescue called Raintree Jacks in Cassatt SC. Trixie is a little more subdued, loves to sleep, eat and guard the house. Trixie didn’t like the beach at first, but loves walking there now. ~ Edwina Friedman, Pawleys Island Office 

‘Honey’ is my daughter’s 2 year old Labradoodle. The sweetest most good natured pup anywhere, she has to deal with my 5 grand children, all boys ranging in age from 2 years old to 12 years old, and she loves it. Just a wonderful member of the family.  Everybody Loves Honey! ~ Fred D'Allaird, Carolina Forest Office

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