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Springtime at Brookgreen Gardens

Posted: April 04, 2019 by Faith Robertson

Brookgreen in the Spring

Brookgreen Gardens is in full bloom this time of year and is absolutely gorgeous.  The Brookgreen in Bloom program is running through the entire month of April and offers something for everyone.  The program runs in the evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 daily.

Topics included in the program are Hortisculpture, gardening techniques you can use at home, and garden photography.  You can also walk through the garden with a Tidelands Healthpoint Trainer.  Enjoy a walk with a horticulturalist, learn about edible gardening, discover nature education for children, learn about Plein Air painting and sculpture demonstrations.

Here is a list of what is in bloom this spring in the garden.


Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea, D. Mertonensis)     
Bachelor Button (Centaurea cyanus)
Iceland poppies (Papaver nudicaule)
Wallflower (Erysimum cv.)
Alyssum  (Lobularia cv.)
Heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens 'Fragrant Delight')
Senetti daisy (Pericallis ‘Senetti’)
Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus)


Rain lilies (Zephyranthes atamasco)
Daffodils (Narcissus sp.)
Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum)


Azaleas (Rhododendron sp.)
Florida Flame Azaleas (Rhododendron austrinum)
Piedmont Azaleas (Rhododendron canescens)
Chinese Snowball Bush (Viburnum macrocephalum
Fuzzy Deutzia (Deutzia scabra)


Silverbell (Halseia tetraptera)
Chinese Fringe Tree (Chionanthus retusus)
Dogwood (Cornus florida)
Stachyurus (Stachyurus praecox)

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