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Trick or Treat: Getting Your Home Ready for Halloween

Posted: October 28, 2017 by Rod Smith

Tis the season to be spooky and scary. Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to get your home ready for fall. Whether you are hosting an autumn inspired costume party, or you just want to make the neighborhood children think twice about ringing your doorbell, it all starts with getting your house ready for Hallows Eve.

Top Landscaping Ideas, Tips & Tricks for your New Home

Below we will go through some tips on how to get your house into the Halloween spirit. First, you must make sure you have the right home for you. The ideal home is waiting for you in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With a simple call to Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage, their representatives can find Myrtle Beach open houses that will inspire you to find the home of your dreams. Then, it's up to you to spookify the décor for October. Here are a few tips to get ready.

A Festive Color

Nothing says autumn like rich browns and pumpkin oranges. By simply bringing in a colorful rug or couch cover, your living room will transform. Add splashes of colors with seasonal squashes, or flower arrangements. For a more modern scare, blacks with splashes of bright neon oranges and greens will get everyone in the mood for Halloween.

Eerie Entrances

Halloween is the best time to spook up your curb appeal. The outside of your home should be festive and the right amount of scary. Bring in lots of long, wiry, crooked sticks and stand them up at your entrance to make the feel of a creepy old woods. Or stack up lots of pumpkins and squashes to bring color and life to your doorway. The more pumpkins of odd shapes and sizes the better.

Bring Drama to Your Décor

Spiders, and bats, and rodents, and ghosts. The scarier pieces you can bring in the better. Add some spider webs to your window fixtures, or spice up the mantle with some scary looking birds. Bring Halloween right into your home, by making it the scariest place on the block.

Autumn Accents

Purchase a few items for your home that will bring the season to life each year. Add some throw pillows with fall colors, or even a picture of a pumpkin. Fill up existing jars and vases with the brightly colored leaves found just outside your door. You can make Halloween work for you by painting pumpkins to fit your existing color scheme.

Something for the Kids

It is worth it to find one item that will pop, scream, or jump out at the trick-or-treaters. It is the season after all. Having something fun and interactive will help your home stand out, and bring people back next year. Plus, who doesn’t love a good scare on Halloween night?

Lurid Lighting

Add some colorful lighting to your entryway. A simple red lightbulb in a lantern will transform your doorway from every day to hair-raising. Try some green lamps behind your decorations to help them pop out. Or add bright colors to your jack-o-lanterns of any colors you like.

Relax in Your Autumn Home

With all the fun and games of the spooky season through, it's time to kick up those feet and enjoy your autumn décor. There is no place better to enjoy the horrifying holiday than in a majestic Myrtle Beach home. Head to South Carolina and check out some open houses in the Myrtle Beach area. Call Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage and they will help you find the most beautiful home, that you can transform for any season.

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