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How to Get A Designed Look For Your Coastal Home

Posted: October 11, 2017 by Rod Smith

A coastal home with a seaside view and a perfect touch of nature is a dream for every American. The cheerful and relaxing atmosphere at South Carolina has made the place a favorite destination for most tourists who later become permanent residents of the area. The increase in number of people from the urban or countryside areas looking to settle on the ocean side has stirred the interest of people looking for designing solutions.

How to Get A Designed Look For Your Coastal Home

A look at most Myrtle Beach Real Estate for Sale from Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage will leave you excited about how to achieve the coastal style in your home. This guide will help you bring out the breezy coastal design to your home in a perfect way. 

There are different ways to design your seaside home but it is advisable to pick a design and a theme that will serve you all year round regardless of the seasons. Some of the areas you should consider while designing include:

1. Colors
Color goes a long way in creating the desired coastal mood in your home. You will never go wrong with neutral colors such white, blue, and grey but you can incorporate other warm hues such as orange and yellows or cooler ones such as green and turquoise for an exciting feel. The secret is using a maximum of three colors while furnishing your home including a dominant color for the significant things such as walls and carpets, a secondary one for the décor, and a third one that you should use sparingly.

2. Window Treatments
Windows are major areas of consideration especially if your house has an ocean view.  Some of the beach houses through Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage provide the perfect ocean view, and you do not want to destroy that with an ugly window treatment. Light sheers that allow free entry of fresh air and the coastal breeze is ideal. Make sure the sheers and the shades do not block the morning sun rays of light into your house.

3. Furnishing
You may prefer to go for rocky marble surfaces and wooden floors in your beach house. Oversized armchairs, ottomans and, sofas, distressed coffee tables, and whitewashed stools always bring out the comfortable and calm feeling of the ocean. Color is also an important factor while furnishing your beach house and you should always consider the dominant color before adding another item. 

4. Accessories
You can also include throw cushions with a coastal print or the nautical blue and white stripes on your sofas. Eye-catching coral accessories and beautiful items such as shells, decorative turquoise bottle, and buoys will give your beach house an oceanic touch.

Bottom Line
You should be extra careful while designing the interiors of a coastal house to bring out the relaxed and calm feel. You can visit Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage for a perfect view of interior designs in many of the Myrtle Beach Real Estate for Sale. This will give you an excellent idea while designing your beach house. Proper designing not only create the perfect vacation mood but also give you a perfect touch of nature, and you should always aim at achieving that in your coastal home. 

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