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Unique & Historic Homes in South Carolina May Cause You to Look Twice

Posted: June 25, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Rod Smith

Arguably, unique homes upraise your everyday experience and make life enjoyable. Whether you want to live in a lighthouse, with an ice-cream parlor in the living room or just enjoying a wedding chapel in the backyard, you have unlimited options in South Carolina. There is a myriad of exceptional homes in the region, but which among them stands out? Here are some of the standout spots.


1. Eye of the Storm, Sullivan's Island

Eye of the Storm, Sullivan's Island

The Eye of the Storm is the prolate ellipse that measures 80’ × 57 '×34’. It has four levels that offer 3500 sq. feet plus unique outside porches. Although the home is built in a hurricane-prone area, the designer included an eye ground level with large openings that you can drive through. Moreover, the ground level of this home offers a massive storage and packing, two stairways, and an elevator that goes to the other floors (the second and third floors). Its unmatched fireplace, living room, entertainment, dining, and generous bathrooms, adds its uniqueness and charm.

You will love the shower room in the house’s master bath as it is built to resemble a snail, and in the most winding fashion. The winding walk offers unparalleled privacy, so you don’t need a shower door or a curtain which promotes mildew. The resting benches are also great additions.


How about an afternoon nap? There is an outstanding balcony outside the master bedroom, with an inviting hammock. It is definitely a one of a kind solution to recurring hurricanes.

2. Rutledge House, Charleston, SC

 Rutledge House, Charleston, SC


Whether you are dreaming of having a romantic vacation or a weekend gateway, Rutledge House should be on your priority list. It is a five-star house that gives you the opportunity to celebrate life’s special moments. It was built in 1760, and no designer can make a home like this in modern times – the ironwork itself is a unique work of art. Your choice of accommodation contributes to an outstanding travel experience, and there are only a few homes that can match the accommodation offered at Rutledge House, Charleston. It provides a beautiful place to rest after an engaging yet exciting day under the sun. More importantly, you can exchange your outdoor adventures with your loved ones under this roof.


3. Robert Mills Home, Columbia SC

Robert Mills Home, Columbia SC

The classical style of Robert Mills home offers a unique iconic backdrop and southern feel for your coming event. Its expansive garden spaces guarantee the flexibility of unique spaces that either work as a whole or separately for smaller events too. It boasts nice restrooms, kitchens and a carriage house with a generous indoor space. It is a historical house in Colombia, and it is listed among the best national historic landmarks – it is a brick structure with symmetrical interiors and exteriors. Moreover, there is a formal garden planted outside this home for the all-time enjoyment of guests.


4. Wentworth Mansion, SC

Wentworth Mansion, SC

The Wentworth Mansion, SC is a downtown Charleston Inn that epitomizes splendor with hand-carved fireplaces made of marbles, luxurious amenities, and gracious hospitality – all which form an award-winning home. It embraces its guests with warm, instinctive service. Also, it preserves its original fascination and makes sure that the guests are not just witnesses to the magic, but integral to it. Each guest room of this mansion is incredible in both design and size. They are beautifully appointed in unparalleled luxury with parking, king-size bed, evening turndown service, full breakfast, day bed, luxurious amenities, original fireplace and other outstanding features that you would love a modern home to have.


The bottom line


At the end of the day, the location, size, and type of property determine the uniqueness of a home. The four homes highlighted in this article are among the most unique and historic properties in South Carolina – they will take your adventure to a whole new level. For a local Myrtle Beach real estate for sale, contact your Real Estate Professional with Coldwell Banker Chicora Advantage. 

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