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Check out Fun, Sun, and All that is Myrtle Beach

Posted: May 17, 2017 by Rod Smith

Formerly known as Chicora, Myrtle Beach is a home for millions of tourists who frequent this place every other summer. It was changed to Myrtle to honor the self-proclaiming wax myrtle tree generously available in the area. The fresh breeze, tickling warm sand and buzzing water waves are some of the attractive features of the beach.

1. Birds 

Did you know that there exist 276 varieties of birds around Myrtle Beach? It is a habitat for various gorgeous birds. Looking for a fascinating hobby, grab this one and start categorizing birds and identifying each by its name. Before you know you may become addicted to taking pictures these amazing feathered friends.

2. Restaurants 

Myrtle Beach is widely known for being the seafood capital of the country. Not to mention more than 1400 plus restaurants in the area to render their delectable food for both locals and visitors. Each of them tries their best to please customers as competition is high. Did I point out the variety of culinary available? Yes, the chefs are drawn from all over the world. Take it as a challenge and start warming up your taste buds.

3. Tourist attractions

Not only during summer but in all seasons Myrtle Beach has much to explore, but let's talk about summer. Over 18 million tourists are reported to visit Myrtle Beach to spend their holidays. The number ranges from 30,000 tourists on a bad day to 350,000 on a good day. Maybe you do not like crowds but can you stop for a second and imagine how beautiful that place must be to attract such a high number of people to visit?

4. Golf capital 

Oh yes, it is also a golfer’s paradise. It has over 100 championship golf courses and other 30 mini golf courses around available for anyone willing and interested in all kinds of golf. You can play for the sheer joy of it or also enter one of the many tournaments held in the area.

5. Diverse wildlife 

Just in case you thought birds are the only attractions in Myrtle Beach you are wrong, there are also much wildlife species to be found in the area. Watch the sea turtles come out to have a taste of land and to lay their eggs on the beach. You may even spot an alligator. These reminders of their dinosaur ancestors can be seen in many of the parks and sanctuaries in the area.

There are new things to discover almost every day in Myrtle Beach, especially its history and interesting stories about the coastal area. Make sure to set aside time to discover the charm that surrounds this historic place.

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