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If you are tired with the paltry returns you receive from bonds, the frustrating interest rate informs of payment for your bank, and the frantic fits of the stock market, you may consider investing in real estate in Myrtle Beach, SC to supplement the retirement revenue. Below are some tips for investing in real estate. Assess your goals The days of purchasing real estate and flipping it for an immediate income are long gone. Real estate investment can offer steady, long-term revenue, but it takes ... read more
When you’re ready to make an investment in real estate, look beyond the local market and consider Myrtle Beach, SC. Whether you’re in the area or live in the Midwest, you’ll find that this popular community has everything you’re looking for in a rental or investment property. Here are just a few of the reasons why people across the nation are taking a closer look at houses for sale in Myrtle Beach. Attractive Rates One of the great benefits of homes in this market is that the ra... read more
A lot of the Myrtle Beach real estate for sale is driven by the revenue from rentals in the Grand Strand. From Little River to Garden City, there are numerous rental properties available for sale. These individual rental units represent most of the Myrtle Beach real estate investment opportunities. So this may be the best time to think about a purchase - just make sure you have the right Myrtle Beach Realtors on your side.  Myrtle Beach rental units can offer great opportunities to locals and visi... read more
Many homeowners who have taken the leap into property investing naturally expect good returns. While leasing out property is a good way to generate passive income, you need to proceed wisely to avoid potential money pits. Tap the expertise of realtors such as Coldwell Banker Chicora Real Estate in Myrtle Beach, SC when it comes to marketing your property for rent. Do your homework Among other things, you need to sort out the rental rates. Research the market value of rental houses within the area and ac... read more
Between annual events like the Holiday Harvest Festival and countless activities for the whole family, it’s clear there’s a lot of reason to go to Myrtle Beach. This year’s fall tourism figures suggest that more people have been thinking as much. An article by Dawn Bryant for Myrtle Beach Online discusses this further: “We’ve had an extremely strong fall. Actually, the strongest fall on record since I’ve been [tracking] it,” said Taylor Damonte, who has been tr... read more


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